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Nujum is a lightweight, competitive card game for two players in which you take on the role of Arabian astrologists in the early 10th century. Predict the movement of the stars correctly to become the most honourable scholar within the ilm-al-nujūm society!

How to play

The following pictures show components of the prototype and therefore work in progress. They are not representative of the final game.

1. Play Nujum Cards

Choose a Nujum Card from your hand and place it face down in front of you. Your opponent chooses a Nujum Card from their hand and places it, face down, on top of your card.

2. Reveal and resolve

Reveal your opponent's Nujum Card first and resolve it by moving the Star Token the number of spaces shown according to its suit. Repeat those steps for your own Nujum Card.

3. Star Token movement

If you can move the Star Token the full number of spaces shown on the card you put that card on top of your score pile. If you can't, your Nujum Card is discarded and the token doesn't move at all.

4. Playing Eclipse Cards

At any point during a player's turn after a Nujum Card has been revealed, you and your opponent may play Eclipse Cards from your hand to influence the movement of the Star Token.

5. Winning the game

The game immediately ends when no more Nujum Cards can be drawn. The winner is the player with the highest sum of numbers in their score pile!

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